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This infographic came to my mind after reading an article by Italian magazine Internazionale.

While I was finishing it, a news came out, strictly connected to the subject of this work.

The Italian government, following what I believe is a European recommendation, will include revenue from drug traffic, prostitution and smuggling when calculating its gross domestic product (GDP).

I don’t really understand the point of this as I think the GDP should calculate things that contributes positively to the grows and well-being of a country.

This is obviously not the case!


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Marine debris kill thousand of animals each year and we don’t see it.
Let’s have a look at what happens on the bottom of the seas.

Salviamo gli elefanti

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Salviamo gli elefanti

La mia prima infografica ispirata ad un articolo sulla strage di elefanti che sta avvenendo in Africa da quando il CITES (convenzione sul commercio internazionale delle specie protette) ha autorizzato due vendite straordinarie di avorio da parte di Zimbabwe, Botswana e Namibia a Giappone e Cina. Queste vendite hanno riportato sul mercato anche l’avorio di contrabbando spacciandolo come legale e riaprendo la stagione di bracconaggio in Africa.



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