Me, in graphic form

I don’t know what you think about Europass resume format but I count it among my worst enemies and I’m wondering how overtaking the millennium we could keep it with us? I mean, with all the visual communication that surrounds us everyday and many visual stimuli competing for our scarce attention, how could such an old format and layout survive? And I’m wondering how the power point with 30 bullet points and font #10 could survive too! I swear I am not against this only as a candidate. Also, after having to read dozens of resumes to hire people that were going to work with me. At resume number ten, my brain had the same attitude that you experience in front of those games about “find the difference”. Everything was so the same! So I thought about experimenting a bit with mine and about creating a kind of mix between an infographic and a curriculum that could point out the basic aspects of my career. And here it is.


Really, if I were the Europass I would announce a contest for the creation of the next curriculum format version 2.0 or holographic or in 3D or anything more suitable for the new century. Even though, I guess it is the very idea of creating a format that does not promote individual expression and creativity. Samara



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